197: Creating change by building a movement with Jane Evans, from Uninvisibility artwork
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197: Creating change by building a movement with Jane Evans, from Uninvisibility

  • S4E197
  • 49:07
  • May 23rd 2021

If you've ever thought about, or been inspired by, the idea of building a movement to create change around a cause or issue you're passionate about, we have quite the story for you on this episode.

Today's guest Jane Evans has had a stunning career in advertising. She gave Cate Blanchett her first job, created Australia's first craft beer and ran her own multi-million dollar agency with clients like Revlon and Maserati. Today, Jane is the founder of Uninvisibility, a global media initiative dedicated to "unleashing the power of midlife women".

The Uninvisibility mantra?

"Midlife women still have half a life to live with zero f**ks left to give. We are no longer prepared to operate in a world where only female youth and beauty is celebrated.  We’re here to show you what we’re made of."

In this energetic and motivating conversation, Jane and host Trevor Young cover a lot of ground, including:

  • Jane's personal story of discovering a need for a platform that helps midlife women step into the spotlight.
  • The journey to a project launch that resulted in two million hashtag views in the first two weeks
  •  How the movement provided the foundation for a new communications agency for female creators as well as a training course for midlife women in media and advertising
  • How providing a solution can be far more powerful than engaging in 'cancel culture'
  • Finding your early adopters and giving them a great story to tell
  • A movement-building social media strategy
  • The deep-diving and storytelling required to change the narrative about a cause or issue
  • Jane's new book - Invisible to Invaluable: Unleashing the Power of Midlife Women

If there is an issue or cause you care about and you want to create a movement for change, this episode will inspire you into action!






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