198: How to generate positive press coverage with veteran journalist & editor, Darren Slade artwork
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198: How to generate positive press coverage with veteran journalist & editor, Darren Slade

  • S4E198
  • 49:25
  • May 30th 2021

Generating media exposure is a powerful way to boost your professional profile as well as enhance your credibility and authority in your profession or industry.

But it ain't easy! Something this week's expert guest, Darren Slade knows only too well!

It takes a lot of work and smarts to generate positive editorial exposure - just banging out a written press release is not going to cut it anymore, despite what you might see in the movies!

Darren is the group business editor are the Bournemouth Echo, the Southern Daily Echo and the Dorset Echo. He focuses on stories about the business community and entrepreneurs in Dorset and Hampshire in the UK. He's been a journalist since 1990, so he knows a fair bit about this caper.

In this interview with host Trevor Young, Darren has plenty of gold to share from his wealth of experience, including:

  • The best ways to get editorial exposure, including how, and when, to best reach journalists
  • Getting your pitch right, up front
  • When a formal press release will work - and how to get it noticed
  • Being 'vivid' - why small businesses and entrepreneurs can sometimes have the edge over their more corporate counterparts
  • Preparing for a media interview
  • Why the best story is not always the most obvious one
  • Where you need to show up to get the attention of the media.

Plus Darren shares his thoughts regarding the future of media.

If you want to learn how to get your story ideas accepted by a journalist or an editor, or just get a better handle on how to deal with media people, you'll find this episode immensely helpful.




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