199: How to commercialise your expertise with online business strategist, Susanna Reay artwork
Reputation Revolution | the professional personal branding show

199: How to commercialise your expertise with online business strategist, Susanna Reay

  • S4E199
  • 44:37
  • June 6th 2021

Building a high-profile reputation as a trusted expert and leader brings with it benefits such as commercial opportunities.

But how do you make the most of these opportunities? This is precisely what our guest today, Susanna Reay, helps business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs do.

Susanna is a UK-based online business strategist, introvert coach, colour expert and artist. She combines formal design and business qualifications with over 25 years of experience working with small startups and solo entrepreneurs to help multi-passionate introverts sell their group programs, extract value from their voice and build their credibility online.

This conversation will be of interest to anyone who knows their stuff but struggles with getting their message right and getting it out to those who could benefit from hearing it. Some of the topics host Trevor Young and Susanna cover are:

  • The popular ways go-to experts and thought leaders are generating revenue and creating new income streams
  • The importance of getting your message right, particularly in today's noisy world
  • Dispelling some myths and getting clarity on what introversion is and isn't, and the ways in which these types can excel
  • How introverts can extract the value from their voice
  • The 'one thing' - clarifying exactly what you want to get known for
  • Susanna's favourite ways to commercialise your expertise
  • Making sure your message is crystal clear before, during and after the duration or lifecycle of an online course or product
  • How and when a mastermind group can add value, if they are set up and nurtured well
  • When to consider creating a community through membership programs.


Reputation Revolution | the professional personal branding show

Reputation Revolution is the professional personal branding show for experts, entrepreneurs and emerging thought leaders.

Hosted by the PR Warrior, Trevor Young, the show focuses on helping credible individuals to build visibility, influence and trust in the marketplace, and in doing so, position themselves to take advantage of today's 'reputation economy'.

Reputation Revolution covers the four core pillars of building a successful and respected professional personal brand:

  1. ESTABLISH your voice
  2. ENHANCE the credibility of that voice
  3. EXTEND the reach of your voice
  4. EXTRACT value from the profile and reputation you build in the marketplace

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