201: Magnifying your message in today's multi-channel world with Jane Tabachnick  artwork
Reputation Revolution | the Influence & IMPACT podcast

201: Magnifying your message in today's multi-channel world with Jane Tabachnick

  • S4E201
  • 41:51
  • June 20th 2021

Cutting through the online noise and resonating with your story and your message is one of the biggest challenges facing purpose-driven entrepreneurs and thought leaders today.

Building and communicating with a growing audience often requires a strategic, multi-channel approach: one that's creative, authentic and consistent.

Today's guest is Jane Tabachnick, a content strategist, publicity mentor, publishing expert and Alexa flash briefing consultant.

Jane helps brands and experts magnify their message through various means, including digital content marketing, media publicity, book publishing, and via Alexa flash briefings.

All this sounds like an eclectic mix, but the reality is to be successful in your communications today, you've got to become good at channel planning and integration. 

In this episode, Jane and show host, Trevor Young, delve into the myriad communications options available to entrepreneurs and leaders wanting to build personal brand visibility and influence.

THINK: Owned media, social media, earned media (i.e. media and influencer relations), book publishing, and Alexa flash briefings.

It's a far-reaching discussion as Jane and Trevor 'join the dots' of personal brand communications.

If you're keen to magnify your message in the marketplace, this episode will definitely resonate!


Reputation Revolution | the Influence & IMPACT podcast

The PR Warrior Trevor Young helps entrepreneurs and leaders build visibility, influence and trust in today's 'reputation economy'.

REPUTATION REVOLUTION covers the four core pillars of building a successful and respected professional personal brand:

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