208: How thought leaders can tap into the growing 'Creator Economy' artwork
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208: How thought leaders can tap into the growing 'Creator Economy'

  • S5E208
  • 23:37
  • October 27th 2021

The Creator Economy is a big deal. It’s big – HUUUGE! – and it’s getting bigger.

What’s the relevance to thought leaders and professional experts?

Simple. It’s where all the content ‘heat’ is at the moment.

According to Mark Stenberg from Medialyte:

"The creator economy consists of individuals with unique skill sets using platforms to monetize their craft.”

Bona fide content creators (or ‘content entrepreneurs’, as Joe Pulizzi likes to call them) are busy building their media channel, growing an engaged audience (and considerable influence), and then creating products and services to serve that audience.

Many thought leaders and personal brand enterprises, however, tend to already have their business model in train. They are creating content and building an audience often as a way to attract people to their ideas and to build subject matter authority. The ultimate goal, of course, is to build profile and reputation that in turn helps generate more leads and sales for their business, or whatever 'commercial' outcome they seek.

In this solo episode, Trevor Young aka the PR Warrior, dissects the Creator Economy and explains why it's important for thought leaders to get a handle on where things are headed in this space.

Trevor's advice? Don’t follow your competitors (and end up looking like them).

Instead, check out - and seek inspiration from - the new wave of independent content creators who are making a big splash globally in their respective niches.

They’re at the cutting edge of what’s happening currently in the world of content marketing and social media, he says.

"Go to where the real action is and absorb ideas and insights, and start putting them to work in your business!"

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Reputation Revolution | the professional personal branding show

The PR Warrior Trevor Young helps entrepreneurs and leaders build visibility, influence and trust in today's 'reputation economy'.

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