210: Content Profits: How to package & monetise your podcast, blog or online video show - with Yann Ilunga artwork
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210: Content Profits: How to package & monetise your podcast, blog or online video show - with Yann Ilunga

  • S5E210
  • 1:03:38
  • November 10th 2021

Today's bumper episode unpacks what it takes for thought leaders to generate leads and sales from their owned media channel/s.

In other words, how can they monetise the content they create on their podcast, blog, online video show, or email newsletter.

Taking centre stage alongside host Trevor Young is YANN ILUNGA, a lead generation and podcasting consultant, international speaker, and podcaster (with over 400 episodes published).

Yann and Trevor cover a range of topics to do with content marketing, with emphasis on podcasting and online video.

Plus Yann breaks down the system he uses to help his clients engage and convert prospective customers through the use of content.

Other topics covered include:

  • content repurposing and the importance of formatting for different channels
  • the rise of the Creator Economy (and what thought leaders can learn from independent content creators)
  • the different ways to productise your services in order to scale
  • the danger of tunnel vision when it comes to client acquisition
  • automation and the 'connective tissue' that is email marketing
  • how to leverage podcast guest appearances to build your business

If you're building a strong professional brand and reputation and are wanting to take things up a notch and turbo-charge your business through content, then this is the episode for you!

About Yann

Yann lives in Finland and helps consultants and coaches create and leverage systems to generate a consistent stream of organic leads and appointments (without having to spend a single cent in paid ads).

Additionally, he is the founder of Podcast Success Summit – the world's largest virtual summit for podcasters – and host of the "360 Entrepreneur Podcast", a show that features inspiring conversations with top entrepreneurs, marketers and best–selling authors like Pat Flynn, Kim Garst, John Lee Dumas, Jay Baer and Natalie Sisson.

Dubbed "Unicorn-Level Digital Marketer" by Inc. and "Podcasting Advocate" by Forbes, Yann is a polyglot who speaks five languages.

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