215: A deep dive into strategic content repurposing with Sally A. Curtis artwork
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215: A deep dive into strategic content repurposing with Sally A. Curtis

  • S5E215
  • 38:04
  • December 15th 2021

We talk often about content on this show. Indeed, in pretty much every episode, content is mentioned somewhere, and rightly so, because it's such a critical part of building a thought leader brand today.

And 'content repurposing' also often gets regularly mentioned in dispatches, because it too plays a key role in personal branding.

But we haven't dedicated an entire episode to content repurposing ... until now!

In this episode, Trevor Young and expert guest, Sally A. Curtis, go deep into all things content repurposing, covering:

  • What it is
  • Why it is so important
  • How to do it strategically

But it's not just a theoretical session! Trevor and Sally provide heaps of practical examples of what content repurposing looks like, when done well.

Sally is a content repurposing specialist who works with speakers, authors, thought leaders, coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs.

She also hosts the Success Secrets Exposed podcast and video show

Sally talks about her content repurposing framework ("amplification, transformation, and productisation"), plus we hear about her method for dissecting her clients' content to identify nuggets of gold - inspiring quotes, bite-sized rants and teachable moments.

Visibility & revenue

Content repurposing can help entrepreneurs, professional experts and thought leaders to not only raise their visibility ("strategic omnipresence" as Trevor calls it), but also generate additional revenue.

Sally reveals how she and her clients are creating additional sales by turning their old content into training programs and information products.

QUOTABLE QUOTE: "Let's educate your audience. Let's inspire your audience. Let's inform the audience, let's help them make sense of their world," says Sally.


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