221: Business brand vs personal brand | Featured guests - Sam Osborn & Brendan Keogh artwork
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221: Business brand vs personal brand | Featured guests - Sam Osborn & Brendan Keogh

  • S6E221
  • 48:45
  • June 15th 2022

G'day folks, my name is Trevor, and welcome to Season 6 of the Reputation Revolution show.

In this episode we tackle the much-debated topic - Business brand vs personal brand: Which one should you focus on?

It's a question I get asked a lot, and one to which there is no definitive answer, as a number of variables will often come into play.

But ... it's definitely worth digging into if you're in business, because as we know: when it comes to all things PR, marketing and communications (including content and social media) - clarity is king!

To help me tackle the 'business brand vs personal brand' debate, I've co-opted two experienced pros to provide their ideas, insights and opinions on the topic.

They are:

  1. SAM OSBORN - a leading brand strategist who helps businesses drive stronger revenue, branded communication and customer love
  2. BRENDAN KEOGH - a marketer and coach who helps thought leaders clarify their message and create cut-through content that gets results

Sam, Brendan and I provide our respective takes on the 'business brand vs personal brand' theme.

Along the way, we also discuss:

  • the concept of branding, and the critical role it plays
  • the importance of values, personality and consistency in building trust
  • examples of personal brands who have also built significantly-sized businesses
  • The role reputation plays in personal branding
  • Leaders of practice areas within a larger firm: how should they approach personal branding?
  • Brand architecture, and when to build a 'house of brands'

If you're building a business enterprise around your personal brand but are wondering whether or not you need to put a bit of effort into marketing an associated business entity, then have a listen to this episode for further insights and ideas on the topic.

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