251: Embracing Web3: Personal branding in the Metaverse with Mitch Jackson artwork
REPUTATION REVOLUTION: The Personal Brand Monetisation Show

251: Embracing Web3: Personal branding in the Metaverse with Mitch Jackson

  • S7E251
  • 1:02:37
  • February 15th 2023

Web3 - the Metaverse - virtual reality, NFTs, AI, Blockchain - and let's not forget crypto and digital wallets.

You've heard the terms, but what do they all mean? How do they relate to one another?

And, importantly, when it comes to building a professional personal brand - growing your profile and enhancing your reputation in the marketplace: what role can Web3 and the Metaverse play in all of this?

You'll want to tune into this episode because we have a genuine expert in the space to guide us through the Web3 jungle: his name is Mitch Jackson, he's an award-winning litigation lawyer from California who is renowned for being ahead of the pack when it comes to social media and digital marketing ... and now, Web3 and the metaverse.

Mitch also runs a consultancy called ManeuVR, which shows creators, entrepreneurs, and business owners how to leverage web3 and the metaverse to create unique brands, new opportunities, and drive additional lanes of revenue.

He has recently published a book with his son Garrett: The Web3, Metaverse and AI Handbook - check it out on Amazon.

There's a lot happening in this space, and as business owners, professionals, thought leaders and content creators, we need to stay in touch with what's going on, so we can adapt quickly and see opportunities as they arise.

This is a bumper episode folks. Let's get the lowdown from Mitch right now!

REPUTATION REVOLUTION: The Personal Brand Monetisation Show

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