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REPUTATION REVOLUTION: The Personal Brand Monetisation Show

275: Reputation = revenue: The business of personal branding

  • S8
  • 23:02
  • September 20th 2023

In this solo episode to kick off season 8 of the podcast, I set the scene for what's to come on the Reputation Revolution.

There's been a shift in focus on what topics we cover on the show.

You may have noticed we've changed the subtitle of the podcast, from 'The professional personal branding show' to 'The personal brand monetisation show'.

In the past - across 270+ episodes in fact - this podcast has zeroed in on topics associated with professional personal branding, with a view to helping credible individuals build visibility, influence and trust in the marketplace.

The business side of personal branding

However, from Season 8, we're going to be more purposeful about covering topics that focus solely on playing a bigger game and leveraging one’s personal brand assets for commercial gain.

In other words, the business side of personal branding - capitalising on the profile and reputation we've built in the marketplace.

It’s a meaty topic, and we'll be looking at both sides of the ‘creator coin’, with a skew towards the 'reputation creator' and how they can build a high revenue business off the back of their professional personal brand.

But, we'll also be looking at independent content creators, and highlighting what we can learn from them, as they are at the cutting edge of content creation today.

Plus we'll dig deeper into the commercialisation aspect of personal branding, and how we can build a sustainable enterprise off the back of our profile and reputation.

My goal is to ‘build a bridge’ between the Reputation Economy and the Creator Economy - to explore where they meet and intersect, and unpack the commercial opportunities that come with that.

When it comes to topics we've previously covered on the show i.e.

  • owned media (content creation in all its various forms),
  • social media (including all the platforms),
  • media and influencer relations (earned media),
  • reputation management,
  • community building,
  • book publishing,
  • networking and public speaking, etc

... I've established a new podcast - BECOME YOUR OWN PR MACHINE - to cover these.

(Become Your Own PR Machine is available now from your podcast app of choice)

So, my two podcasts are essentially bookends:

Become Your Own PR Machine - learn how to harness the power of PR, content and digital communications to build recognition, influence and credibility for your business, organisation or personal brand.

Reputation Revolution - learn how to leverage your reputation to take advantage of commercial opportunities so you can profit from your personal brand in a way that's strategic, sustainable ... and respectful.

I hope you enjoy either - or both shows!

Hit me up on Twitter (@trevoryoung) or Instagram (@theprwarrior) or LinkedIn (/trevoryoung) and let me know what you think of the changes! Thanks :) TY

REPUTATION REVOLUTION: The Personal Brand Monetisation Show

How do you extract value from the profile and reputation you've built in the marketplace?

How can you more effectively package and leverage your knowledge and expertise for greater influence and impact?

Welcome to Reputation Revolution, the show where we dissect what’s involved in commercialising - and profiting from - your professional personal brand.

You’ve put in the hard yards: now it’s time to capitalise!

Let’s dive in!


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