179 FROM THE VAULT: How to find your unique voice | CASE STUDY - Anne Miles, Suits&Sneakers artwork
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179 FROM THE VAULT: How to find your unique voice | CASE STUDY - Anne Miles, Suits&Sneakers

  • S3E179
  • 27:02
  • December 13th 2020

FROM THE VAULT: Previously published as episode 121 - The importance of having a strong voice with Anne Miles

Business coach and marketing consultant, Anne Miles, is a big believer in taking a stance on issues that affect the industry in which she operates.

Anne is the founder of International Creative Services (now Suits&Sneakers), a global collective of pre-approved marketing and advertising talent, based out of Australia.

Anne regularly publishes thought-provoking articles on a range of topics relevant to her industry, including ageism, gender equality, diversity and anonymous blogging, as well as issues associated with outdated business models used by ad agencies.

Anne is not being controversial for controversy's sake, but rather, she is guided by her personal philosophy and values.

"When I started to feel ... things weren't right, I put my hand up and said it." 

It's this a stance that has made the Australian marketing industry sit up and take notice of Anne.

LinkedIn articles

Anne has built a solid body of content, the bulk of which has been a series of articles on her LinkedIn page.

One such article, titled 'The Ad Agency Model Is Broken - Here's Why', sparked enormous interest within industry circles. For Anne, it was life changing, professionally. 

Within 24 hours of the post going up, she received 1000 LinkedIn requests to connect. Industry trade press jumped on it and wanted to share it too. In Australia, the industry trade journal AdNews republished the story in its entirety, re-igniting discussion around the issue.

Trade press

Anne's profile within marketing circles continues to rise.

Her articles regularly appear in the trade press, and she gets invitations to speak at industry events. New business continues to roll in thanks to her profile, and her business has been named a Westpac 2018 Businesses of Tomorrow winner.

Importantly, Anne continues to write articles for LinkedIn. 

While many business owners would be satisfied with hitting it big with one viral article, Anne understands it’s her overall body of work that underpins ongoing success in terms of industry awareness, influence and credibility. 

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