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The Stress, Anxiety, Depression Podcast with Shea Murtagh

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Welcome to SADpod!

The Stress, Anxiety, Depression Podcast where we will cover all of the above through the exploration of psychology, psychiatry, mindfulness, yoga, and anything else that can help us to understand the human condition so that we can help you to achieve and develop optimum mental health and mental strength.

In this first series I am joined by the wonderful Dr. Jas who is a psychiatrist, based in Ireland, with a deep interest in psychology, psycho-analysis, and in helping people to help themselves, which is what we are all about here at SADpod.

This first series was also inspired by a list of questions received from students at UKEC after Dr. Jas and myself had the honour of sharing our knowledge with the students as part of their Care for All Kent programme which focused on social anxiety and depression.

A big thank you to everyone who took part and for contributing to the following episodes. We hope you enjoy them and learn lots from what you are about to hear.

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