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Social Sparks: Build A Successful Social Media Business

Bite-Sized Strategies to Build a Social Media Business

Created by Cate Scolnik • 23 episodes

Social Sparks

Social Sparks is your go-to source for starting your own successful social media business.

I'm, Cate Scolnik and every Tuesday and Thursday I share bite-sized, no-fluff strategies you can action straight away! I’m a mum and social media strategist and I love cutting through the overwhelm so you can create a social media business simply and easily.

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Meet the Host

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Cate Scolnik

Cate is the founder of Sane Social Media, and has been helping businesses owners attract more business online for more than 8 years. She specialises in results-focused social media marketing.

​She teaches other mums how to start and scale social media business from home, while still having time for their families. She's passionate about inspiring, empowering and celebrating women.

She also loves helping people cut through overwhelm and eliminate confusion, particularly around their online marketing.