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Stories Matter! - Helping Leaders Transform Lives


Created by IBGR onAir Talent Gayle Turner • 52 episodes

Stories Matter! - Helping Leaders Transform Lives

Listen to accomplished leaders share how they have transformed lives.

Leaders essentially only do three things.

  1. Initiate change,
  2. Sustain change
  3. Grow Leaders.

Initiating and sustaining change are fairly straight forward activities, but growing leaders seems complicated. It's the process of instilling values.

That activity, too, can be broken into three elements.

  1. Clear direction - where you explain what you want done and how performance will be evaluated.
  2. Modeling the behavior - where leaders demonstrate integrity, by behaving in alignment with their stated values.
  3. Tell stories that demonstrate the values.

Join Gayle Turner as he explains how and why stories amplify steps 1 & 2, and listen as he encourages his guests, accomplished leaders all, to share stories they have used to grow the leaders under their care.

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Gayle Turner

Gayle Turner is President of The Storytellers Channel, Inc. For close to five decades he has used the power of story to initiate and sustain change while growing leaders and building productive corporate and community cultures. Check out his LinkedIn profile to learn the rest of the story. 

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