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Strange & Unexplained: Utah

Created by Jenn Bogle • 12 episodes

Strange & Unexplained: Utah

Strange and Unexplained: Utah is a podcast/video blog hybrid that focuses on different strange and unusual places in the great state of Utah. The way it breaks down is this: every two weeks I will post up a new podcast about a different place within Utah. This podcast is just the facts, what happened, where, when, how, and with whom. Then, where allowed, myself and a member of my team will visit these locations and hear about what's going on there today. We'll talk to locals, investigate sights, and see what is to be seen today.

What kind of things will we be talking about, you ask?


Ghosts, aliens, skinwalkers, mass murder sites, and creepy woods. Everything strange and unexplained that the beehive state has to offer.

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