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Strategy for Breakfast

Conversation With a Hacker

  • S3E1
  • 20:02
  • January 11th 2023

Welcome to season 3 of Strategy for Breakfast! We’re kicking things off with an exclusive conversation with a real-life HACKER! What is an “ethical” hacker, what makes someone choose the “good” side of hacking, and how does one get started? Gordon Long, senior offensive security engineer at Zoom and president and founder of LegioX Cyber Technologies, gives you the inside scoop on life as a hacker, and it turns out it’s easier than you think to get involved in the industry. He’s also got insight for individuals and businesses to remain secure and vigilant against cyber-attacks! Let us know what you think at [email protected].  

Discussion points 

  • What’s it like being a hacker? 
  • What exciting things are you seeing in the security space? 
  • How can people be best prepared for cyber-attacks? 

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Meet the Hosts

Balve Bains avatar
Balve Bains

After cutting his teeth in the television and radio (He was a finalist for the “New Voices” competition at BBC Radio Lancashire and Bristol!) landscape, Balve has made the jump into podcasting with Strategy for Breakfast. He regularly moderates and hosts roundtables for Meet the Boss and loves speaking to c-suite executives about the pain points and solutions to the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis.  

Balve has recently moved to Bristol and is looking forward to having an engaging and enticing chat about solving the threats you face today.

Ben Thompson avatar
Ben Thompson

As a journalist, editor and presenter, Ben has been writing and speaking about business, people and technology for the past 20 years. As Editor-in-Chief of Business Management magazine and host of Meet the Boss TV (as well as work for The Guardian and Bloomberg, amongst others) he’s interviewed some of the biggest names in business, spoken at international events and hosted countless roundtable discussions – a far cry from his early days working on music and skateboard mags. And while his love for music remains strong, it’s fair to say his best skating days are probably over.

Editor and Presenter at Meet the Boss

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Colin Cosell

An over 20-year veteran of radio and television, Colin Cosell is thrilled to pick up the mic as a co-host for GDS’ Strategy for Breakfast Podcast! As a Master of Ceremonies for GDS Group, Colin has moderated hundreds of roundtable discussions along with several summits and live dinner events featuring corporate executives from some of the world’s largest companies. 

A Stamford, CT native but longtime New Yorker, Colin is also an Emmy Award Winning Broadcaster who moonlights as a stadium public address announcer for the NY Mets (MLB) and NY Riptide (NLL). When he’s not moderating, podcasting, announcing, or hosting, Colin can be found at home cooking with his wife, Julia, and rescue pup, Bagel (who isn’t much help in the kitchen).

Julia Belle avatar
Julia Belle

    Julia Belle is a broadcaster, political commentator, business trainer and award-nominated podcast host. She features weekly on BBC Radio 5 Live, and regularly covers news, current affairs and entertainment for BBC Three. She has hosted her own BBC election show, and has even done a TED talk!

    Julia has interviewed some of the most influential figures in politics and business, about cabinet-reshuffles to crypto, but the early learnings from her decade-long TV career - where she started out in children’s TV and Channel 4 sketch comedy - still sometimes come in handy! 

    Kelley Iuele avatar
    Kelley Iuele
    Host and Podcast Editor

    Kelley dreaded the obligatory “When I Grow Up” speech in elementary school. Couldn’t sleep for days leading up to it. All those eyes on her? Judging her? She hesitated even raising her hand in class, knowing the heat she’d feel across her cheeks when she spoke. 

    So it made perfect ironic sense she grew up to be a TV reporter, delivering the news in front of thousands. 

    What shifted? Kelley learned the power of story! We’ve all got one, and we all love to listen to a well-told one. Through her work in TV news, corporate America, the nonprofit world, and now moderating and hosting GDS events with business executives from around the globe, Kelley has been passionate about presenting information and stories in compelling, empathetic language.

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    Kristina Cartwright

    Kristina Cartwright is a senior editor and presenter for GDS Group & Meet the Boss. In this role she travels around the world hosting a wide variety of b2b events speaking with C-level executives about their digital transformation projects. She also moderates several successful digital summits, webinars, and virtual roundtable discussions. Kristina is the new co-host on the podcast, “Strategy for Breakfast.” On the show she interviews guests and provides colorful commentary surrounding hot topics including innovation, security, and cloud migration. Kristina is an Emmy Nominated Reporter in New York with a background in TV News.

    Prior to joining GDS she worked as a reporter and anchor for News 12 Networks serving the tri-state area. Kristina resides just outside of busy Manhattan with her rescue dog, Ellie. 

    Michelle Brown avatar
    Michelle Brown

      Michelle Brown is a 2x Emmy award winning former television News Reporter and Anchor. 

      During her career Michelle worked at TV stations in New York, Boston, and Rhode Island. She’s interviewed Presidents, Noble prize winners and everyday people doing extraordinary things in the world.

      Michelle is now thrilled to be a part of the GDS team.

      Sarah Tijou avatar
      Sarah Tijou

      Sarah recently joined GDS Group as part of the presenter and content team. She enjoys facilitating conversations with international business leaders on their transformation journeys. Her favourite discussions centre around people, and the importance of managing both customers and employees. 

      Prior to this, Sarah was a broadcast journalist; reporting and news-reading for BBC Radio 1 and BBC World Service. When she wasn’t in the studio, she could also be seen on the mountains, ski instructing around the world like there’s snow tomorrow!

      Stephanie Garey avatar
      Stephanie Garey
      Host and Podcast Producer

      After spending 12 years working in the events industry in London, Stephanie moved to Bristol in 2021 to join GDS Group as part of their presenter and content team. Since joining, she's become the Strategy for Breakfast podcast producer, and loves meeting and talking with guests to help our listeners on their transformation journeys.

      Her favourite topics to discuss (other than music) are around diversity, environmental issues, and cyber security. 

      Fun fact about Steph, she once spoke on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury before Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees performed, combining her love of speaking and disco. 

      Tim Cassidy avatar
      Tim Cassidy

      Tim is an Emmy award winning journalist who writes, hosts and moderates conversations surrounding digital transformation for GDS Group and Meet the Boss around the globe.

      Prior to joining GDS Tim worked as a television news reporter and anchor at affiliates WENY, WUHF, WBRE and News 12 Westchester.

      Tim currently resides in New York City and looks forward to the conversation that helps you solve your biggest transformation challenges.