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Bridging Agile and Professional Coaching Worlds

For Coaches By Coaches

Created by Tandem Coaching Academy • 35 episodes

Keeping Agile Coaching Non-Denominational

Podcast with a focus on anything and everything coaching - from Agile to Professional. We bring you the best of the best from the Agile and Professional coaching world, building that bridge between the two. We envision the future where Agile world embraces professional coaching skills and competencies, bringing them closer together.

What's this non-denominational all about? It's a bit of a play on words. In the domain we work in there is a lot of "religiousness" about schools of thought and methods. We promote focusing on what the client needs and pulling from whatever schools of thought, methods, and tools are appropriate at the moment. And thus, we strive to keep coaching "non-denominational."

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Alex Kudinov, PCC, BCC
Enterprise Coach and Trainer

ICF PCC and Board Certified Coach (BCC) with more than 10 years of Agile and professional coaching experience.

More than 1,500 hours coaching agile enterprises, executives, high potential leaders and teams.

Certified Executive Coach, Certified Enterprise and Team Coach

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Cherie Silas
Director of Education and Coaching

Master Certified Coach ranks in the top 4% credentialed coaches worldwide

Industry leading Enterprise and Team Coach

Leads the only Accredited Coach Training Program for Coaching in Agile Environments

The creator of the Scrum Alliance Path to Coaching Video Series used by over 45k+ agile learners