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Welcome to the Biblical Healing Oils of The Bible Podcast. These podcast and the information that you will discover here will lead you to a greater understanding of the Healing Oils of The Bible.You should definitely subscribe to get all my latest episodes. All oils are not created equal. To get quality results you must use quality oils. You need quality oils from a company with a proven track record. Are you interested in Free Essential Oil Training ? Also, my products are available on Ebay seller Options304 - Biblical Healing Oils. Hey, I almost forgot, here's the link to my awesome website where you will discover great information as well as video testimonials and some of my amazing products. https://biblicalhealingoilsinstitute.com

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The Biblical Healing Oils Institute educates people on the Healing Oils of The Bible. There are at least 30 Healing mentioned in the Bible with over 500 references to these amazing oils.Through the Biblical Healing Oils Institute people are gaining an understanding that before the inception of what is called modern medicine, God had ordained a natural system of healing and sustenance for the human body. What is being heralded today as "Alternative Medicine", is actually original medicine. The health remedies that come from the earth and nature are truly the most traditional. Biblical Healing Oils are classified as Essential Oils, however, all Essential Oils are not Biblical Healing Oils. The great news is, I will be providing teaching and awesome information on both here at The Biblical Healing Oils Institute..

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