ep82. High CYA Solution! and some other summer pool problems artwork
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ep82. High CYA Solution! and some other summer pool problems

  • S2E82
  • 43:45
  • July 21st 2023

The preliminary results are in. We are giving the Green Story Global Cya remover a big thumbs up, with some conditions, and we are continuing to monitor.


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00:00 introduction

02:55 Green Story Global Cya Remover. We have used it on one dozen pools for 6 to 8 weeks. It is working. On some it worked better than on others. Good flow amount and time the flow goes over the product in the skimmer does appear to be a big factor on how effective it is. The Cya has continued to stay down, and it does not appear, at this time, that the product is a mask and not the remover it claims to be. It is worth the money to try it if you face draining your pool.

08:30 draining option, with a vinyl pool horror story

16:10 Why does the pool need more chlorine during the summer. heat and sun do shorten the life of chlorine in your pool, and the extra usage of the pool does introduce a lot more contaminants that chlorine has to oxidize, and that in turn uses up the chlorine. Filters are getting dirtier from contaminants, so flow and filtration can be lessened, this puts more of the water maintenance work on the chlorine.

Chemicals and oils from swimmers can also cause chlorine to burn up faster.

17:50 the extra chlorine being added can also effect the water balance. different types of chlorine can affect ph, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and TDS.

using borates, enzymes and phosphate removers can help reduce the amount of chlorine needed to maintain your pool

algae multiplies faster in warmer water. algae will typically double every 3 hours. this faster growth uses up chlorine faster

all of these things increase the consumption of chlorine. just remember you need to maintain without borates, 7.5% of your cya in free chlorine to kill algae faster than it multiplies. with borates it is 5% of your cya level in free chlorine.

extra evaporation requires more fill water which also messes up water chemistry. waterfalls and evaporative chillers increase evaporation, so that in turn will increase water maintenance and adjustment.

28:20 if using a chiller on a pool, that needs to be accomplished during the cooler time of day if day time temperatures are extreme. but do not run at night in lieu of running during the day, run in addition to daytime running. in the heat the pool needs to be filtering and circulating during the day.

32:00 providing shade on your pool can greatly decrease the amount that your pool heats up. using shade sails and umbrellas can keep your pool cooler, decrease evaporation, and decrease balance and oxidizer chemical usage.

35:40 evaporation does cool the pool, why more evaporation is more chemical maintenance in your pool

get on borates, use enzymes, consider phosphate removers, keep water cooler if able,

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