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Recruiting Testers

  • E14
  • 11:43
  • August 17th 2020

Recruiting Testers is hard.

What we want to do is minimise the friction and barriers. In this podcast I'll share some tips on what has worked for me in the past.

- remove as much ambiguity from your job spec as possible

  - someone like me, will read 'the worst' into your ambiguity

- send clear messages, not mixed messages, in the job spec

- help the applicant filter out roles that are not suitable for them

- when writing a job spec, review existing job specs in the world, critique them and then build on what is best from those

- start with a phone interview, never start face to face

- some people bluff, some people offer general answers

  - your job as an interviewer is to help them answer specifically and ask for more information when you want it

- Interviews as auditions, held by someone who knows how to do the activity being auditioned

- audition hands on with the actual code, or the actual system

- use your best people for the interviews, not just anyone that is free

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