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The Evil Tester Show

Test Automation Biases

  • S1E16
  • 24:12
  • February 11th 2022

In episode 16 of The Eviltester Show we are looking at Test Automation Biases, what they are, how to avoid them, and how to evaluate your own biases.

00:00 What is an Automation Bias?

00:29 Treat all opinions as biased

01:50 Automating a GUI is Slow and Flaky

03:36 Automate through the API

05:23 Code Free Automating is Bad

06:17 Tool X is Better than Y

07:04 Postman is Better than Insomnia

08:54 Python is Better than Java

10:24 Seeing Through Biases

12:52 Try it, then decide

13:17 Page Objects vs Screenplay

14:52 Take Responsibility

16:11 External Experience

17:02 Start Small, Make Progress

17:50 Do not ignore issues

20:34 Be Real rather than Believe

21:18 Keep Options Open

22:48 Be Aware of your biases

23:19 It takes time

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