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The Test Automation Pyramid Episode

  • S1E20
  • 34:09
  • June 18th 2023

This episode covers the Test Automation Pyramid, created by Mike Cohen in 2008-2009 in the book "Succeeding With Agile". We will go beyond the diagram and look at the model that supports it. Then deep dive into the model to explore it's meaning in relation to Automated Execution Coverage, not Testing.

- The model was created by Mike Cohen in 2008-2009 in the book "Succeeding With Agile."

- The original model focused on UI, service level, and unit level automation.

- Over the years, different interpretations and variations of the model have emerged.

- The term "service level" in the model has led to ambiguity and different interpretations.

- The diagram in the model is a simplified representation of a deeper underlying model.

- The focus should be on achieving coverage at the most appropriate level in the system.

- The model addresses the importance of avoiding duplication and redundancy in automated coverage.

- The process and team structure can impact the effectiveness of the model.

- The model can be reframed as an automated execution coverage pyramid.

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