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The Friendly Futurist: Towards Society 5.0

The Future is User Friendly

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The Friendly Futurist

Are you ready to board the good ship SS Tomorrow?

The Friendly Futurist. The podcast all about a user-friendly future, covering the intersection of social change, big tech, and megatrends, mixed with some dope ass beats. Think of the show as the intersection between Emerging Technology with Implications on Society and The Environment.

Each week we chat with experts in:

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, The Metaverse, Agtech, Future of Food, Future of Work, Future of Energy, Biotech, Transhumanism, Biohacking, AI, Quantum Computing, Regenerative Agriculture, Nanotechnology, Climate Change, Electric Vehicles, Space Exploration, CBD Products, Introduction of UBI (Universal Basic Income), Return to Slow Fashion and so much more

Remember to Stay Curious and The Future is User Friendly!

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Dave Monk

Meet Dave,

Entrepreneur, Podcast Producer, Marketer and Future Geek.

He has an insatiable curiosity about the world and where it is headed.

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