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The Male Entrepreneur Podcast with Purdeep Sangha

Content Marketing in 2021

  • 21:28
  • December 28th 2020

Let's face it... people are starved for content right now.

They've burned through everything on Netflix. They're scrolling through their feeds on social media. They're ready and willing to eat up anything you have to throw at them.

Are you taking advantage of that fact?

If so, there's one more thing to consider; what kind of content should you be creating to attract the right kind of audience for your business?

This week, we dive into that and reveal the answers to:

  • Which two platforms are bringing in higher quality leads than Facebook right now
  • Why video might not replace blog posts in the future
  • The pros and cons of using TikTok to build an audience
  • One strategy that ONLY works on LinkedIn
  • Changes for SEO that might hurt your website in the coming year
  • How to stand out in saturated content markets
  • What the next big thing in marketing will be (and what's holding it back from breaking through right now)
  • Some of the scarier aspects of marketing being used right now (and whether you should also use them or not)
  • The only two reasons to use content marketing for your business
  • Why you should consider narrating your own audiobook
  • And a lot more

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