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The Male Entrepreneur Podcast with Purdeep Sangha

Mindfulness in the Midst of Madness

  • 26:45
  • March 30th 2020

No matter what the world brings your way, a calm and reflective mind will help you see your way through it.

Dr. Parmjit Singh joins us today to talk about the benefits of being able to slow down, observe your actions, and make sure they're serving you.

He provides examples of why leading men need this in their daily lives, at home, at the office, and out in the world.

We also cover:

  • Why balance and mindfulness matter to high achieving males
  • The 3-Step method to being more mindful in your everyday life
  • How to avoid being ruled by your emotions
  • Why you need these skills in your family life and your professional life
  • How attention hijackers have led society astray (and what we can do to get back on the right track)
  • What to beware of, now that mindfulness has become trendy
  • Why being mindful in all situations might not benefit actually you
  • Proof that yoga isn't just for women
  • How the intersection of Eastern and Western philosophies are needed now, more than ever
  • And a lot more

Side note from producer Nathan, This was my favorite episode of the podcast, to date. The guest was amazing and brought a wealth of knowledge.

Give it a listen. You won't be disappointed.


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