Are You Using The Four Channels You Need To Create A Powerful Message? artwork
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Are You Using The Four Channels You Need To Create A Powerful Message?

  • S1E25
  • 19:06
  • March 12th 2021

If you’re like many business owners, you might stumble when it comes to creating a compelling message. A message that’s memorable and that will make the right people follow you.

You know, the secret to creating a message that enrols, and sells is to simply add in the right ingredients. And there’s only four of them.

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Because most entrepreneurs don’t get this right. They don’t know about the four channels every successful marketing message needs to have.

  • Visual Brand - the visuals you use
  • Personal Brand - who you are
  • Brand Message - what you say
  • Brand Voice - how you say it

And beware! 

Most entrepreneurs forget two of these channels as they’re non-verbal and can be implied and demonstrated rather than spelled out!

And by the way, these channels all work together and ideally reinforce each other. Being aware of them and bringing them into harmony will ensure that you don’t send out contradictory, inconsistent signals. 

Listen to this week’s episode to learn all about the four main channels we want to communicate through in marketing.

To Your Massive Success

Xx Gwen

The Niche Queen

Show Notes

0:00 About this episode

1:22 Take my Personality Quiz -

2:40 The 3 steps to a successful niche: Name, Claim, Reign.

3:50 Step 1: Name your niche.

5:33 Step 2: Own/claim your niche.

8:21 Step 3: Rule your niche.

9:30 Claiming your niche and the 4 areas you need to cover that shows your niche ownership

9:58 How do we send out the most aligned + powerful message?

11:45 The 2 non-verbal channels we communicate through in business: Visual Brand & Personal Brand

12:10 The other 2 channels are verbal. Brand Voice & Brand Message

13:06 Everything you do sends a message

17:00 Don’t hire out your message


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