Niche Nightmare? Here is the Quick & Easy Clarity Formula artwork
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Niche Nightmare? Here is the Quick & Easy Clarity Formula

  • S1E27
  • 13:15
  • March 26th 2021

Niche nightmare? Here is my quick & easy niche clarity formula.

I’ll chat you through the simple formula I came up with over the years that I use to laser down to niche any business. It’s a proven formula and has led to some pretty impressive client results.

So if you want a plug and play recipe to niche then this one’s for you! 

Important: this episode comes with its own niche clarity formula freebie so don’t forget to download that right now.

It’s free for you as a thank you for being in this community and because I’m helping 1000 entrepreneurs to niche this year. And I want you to be one of them. 

My goal is to put an end to long standing confusion about your niche so that you can get on with making an impact and creating that cash flow. 

Go to to download the freebie right now.

See you on the other side!



aka The Niche Queen


0:00 About this episode

1:12 Nail Your Niche Freebie -

2:40 Why entrepreneurs are confused and stressed out

4:10 My unique formula

5:00 The simplest definition of Niche 

7:50 What people are looking for are OUTCOMES

10:22 Adding in specificity to your niche by running the 5 W’s


Nail Your Niche Freebie -

Manifest Your Dream Business

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