These 3 Niche Fundamentals Form A Solid Foundation. Mind Them. artwork
The Niche Marketing Show

These 3 Niche Fundamentals Form A Solid Foundation. Mind Them.

  • S1E28
  • 22:11
  • April 9th 2021

We all want to nail our niche, and in this episode I go into the three fundamental elements you need to get clear on BEFORE you can position yourself successfully in the market. 




Makes sense, what could possibly go wrong here?

Listen in if you wanna see how finding clarity in these 3 elements stalls scores of entrepreneurs in their tracks - don’t let this be you!


0:00 About this episode

1:13 Nail Your Niche Training

2:17 The 3 Niche Fundamentals: You, Your Avatar, Your Market

4:49 Get clear on YOU

7:21 Lean into your experimental and spontaneous side and get active.

8:26 Get specific with Your Avatar

10:23 The two mistakes you can make with Your Avatar

14:07 Your Market 

18:56 Analysing the Market


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