The Real Power Family Show with Reena Friedman Watts: The Skills Needed to Succeed artwork
The Real Power Family Radio Show

The Real Power Family Show with Reena Friedman Watts: The Skills Needed to Succeed

  • S1E5
  • 1:00:03
  • September 29th 2023

Ever wonder what it takes to get your own office in the NBC tower? Reena Friedman Watts did it at a very young age. She tells us what she did to achieve greatness. It is not always about having influential friends or getting another degree. Sometimes just doing what no one else wants to do, like filling out time cards, can make a big difference.

Of course, she had to work hard & solve all kinds of big problems, but she never missed the details either. No matter what profession or business you are in, her lessons like “Having tough skin” will set you ahead of those you work with.

The Real Power Family Radio Show

Create financial freedom so your family has time, social & location freedom. 

Learn how we have started and grown many businesses, bought and managed hundreds of rentals, all while homeschooling our 2 boys and traveling all over as a family. Create the freedom you want in every aspect of your life. Integrate your Business, Family & Investing so you have more time for everything. 

We will discuss our set-backs and successes while we bring in the world-famous experts who helped us achieve so much. We discuss what it took to be the right person and what we had to do to create everything we have today. We went from sleeping on a mattress on a warehouse floor to financial freedom in a couple of years. We have rehabbed and repositioned and managed over a thousand rentals. Our family has four #1 Best-selling books. Both of our teenagers have enough passive income to be financially free and one became a millionaire (without any of our money) before he could drive. We talk about what we taught them, so they could Be, Do & Have what we have. Don’t wait another minute. 

Start NOW! If we can do it, so can you.

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