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Return to Queenology

Return to Queenology is hosted and founded by Coach and Reverend LaToya Reece. She provides a safe place for Royals to speak their truth, their freedom (respectfully) while reminding those listening that "You came from royal birth, find your way back to your crown!"

Coach understands firsthand how challenging it can be to overcome homelessness, DV (Domestic Violence), and Parental Rejection. If you ever thought of a place where you could go discretely to speak your freedom, while receiving answers and resources? This is the place Beloved! 

I Believe Real Queens Fix Crowns, TOGETHER!

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Latonya Reece

    Coach LT miraculously survived years of varying kinds of abuse that began at age 5. The unchecked trauma in such a young girl manifested into running away at thirteen; hustling and using drugs at fifteen; and by age sixteen she married a violent abuser and stayed 10 years. However, she was a doting mother to her three small children. She managed to graduate high school and attend college. While experiencing suicidal ideations, she remembered her grandmother saying to never forget God, she did not. in fact, she became an ordained Reverend. She served alongside the First Lady of her church at the time, who one day asked her, “How can other hurting ladies believe Christ to be the Deliverer if you will not believe?” She left her abusive marriage that day and eventually moved back to the south. She is now an Empowerment Coach, Motivator, Chaplain for JCSO, Creator of LA’Tonic, Spiritual Midwife, Business Owner, and the Author of Return to Queenology. She aids faith-based women and men in overcoming past trauma, crippling depression, unsolicited rejection, and low self-esteem, learn how to take back their rightful place in God’s kingdom, return to the excellence and brilliance they were created for, and remove the roadblocks to their blessings and increases.