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The Sam + Jo VA Show

#78 Cracking The Success Code

  • S1E78
  • 23:16
  • November 9th 2021

Planning doesn’t have to be complicated, hard or time consuming. 

In fact, when done well planning not only gives you a greater sense of confidence about what you’re doing and why, it can absolutely be enjoyable and fun.

Having a plan written down on paper, with goals that are measurable and actionable, helps you focus and keeps you moving forward in order to grow.

Now, combine this planning with the magic of mindset and the power of accountability and boom, it won’t take long for you to crack the success code!

In this episode we share the recipe for success we’ve both used in order to grow multiple businesses and it’s the same recipe we share inside Your Success Lab alongside our friend and Mindset & Planning Coach, Tracey Hancock.

Listen in to learn:

  • Why you need to plan in order to succeed
  • Why accountability works
  • Why your mindset will either make or break your business

Find out more about Your Success Lab and say YES to success in 2022.

Sam + Jo xoxo

Tracey Hancock, Mindset & Planning Coach

Over the years, Tracey has learnt a lot of lessons including trying to be and do what she thought was expected of her.

A significant health scare in her mid-20s jolted Tracey to look at the way she was living and working with fresh eyes.

That new perspective got her thinking about who she was and what living well meant.

The difference was undeniable and since then she’s passionately guided others to step into the driver's seat of their own life and set a course for living well.




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