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The Self Managing Organization

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The Self Managing Organization

Since I started on this journey over 41 years ago, the first 2/3's of my career was consulting with the C Suite (CEO, COO, etc.) on building a sustainable organization that could also achieve rapid growth. Once a business gets to a certain size these two objectives seem to be mutually exclusive. Based on that experience I built a collection of business rules that when combined created high performing, fast growth companies that had long futures. This is my story...

Look at IBGR as your CGO - your fractional Chief Growth Officer. In that mode we have built a platform that will move beyond the one-way conversation of radio and podcasts to real relationships; our Community of Commerce.

A thought before we start, I want to invite you to my new group on the Community - Living the Life . If you are a serial entrepreneur and looking to discuss how to build a business that runs itself so you can start running multiple businesses - this is the right spot.

What I sharing with you today and until the end of the year is a model based on a collection of best practices and experiences over the last 4 decades of consulting and starting 5 companies. I am not trying to convince you do it our way, the goal of the series is to expand your thinking and help you arrive at "your model".