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The Voice Box

Created by Jeff Adams • 27 episodes

The Voice Box

Join us on The Voice Box as we explore the wide variety of businesses that are using voice technology. On each episode, we talk with a guest who is using voice to engage with customers, provide services, and improve their business.

The Voice Box is hosted by brothers Jeff and Darin Adams. Jeff has a 30-year history working in speech & language technology. He led R&D teams at Dragon, Nuance, Yap, and Amazon before founding Cobalt Speech & Language. Darin has a 30-year history in television broadcasting and is a consummate interviewer. With Jeff and Darin, you will always be informed and entertained.

The Voice Box is sponsored by Cobalt Speech and Language, a leading provider of voice technology to companies around the world. Drop us a line to explore how we can help you win with voice: [email protected]

Podcast theme music is graciously provided by The Garden Plot. (Spotify)