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This is Real Leadership

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This is Real leadership

This is Real leadership

We love business but not buzzwords. We think that the best companies are more human. And we want to improve leadership everywhere.

So our podcast is different. Because it's not about toolkits or influencers. It's about real leadership. It's about practical insight from world-class thinkers with proven knowledge and experience.

Every episode, a business leader shares human stories and hard truths from their career. And an expert turns those stories into lessons we can all learn.

Bright ideas and sound strategies that really work. Delivered by the people who learned them. Explained by the world-class professors at IESE, one of the world's best business schools.

This is Real leadership.

In each episode...

From entrepreneurs to organizational theorists, old hands to cool heads, our guests have proven experience and a story to tell.

They'll be telling it to Adam Burns, who's been writing and talking about business for over 25 years, and a distinguished professor from IESE, one of the world's best business schools - ranked number 1 in the world for six years running by the Financial Times.

Then the professors offer their expert analysis of the conversation, uncovering and explaining real leadership lessons in plain language.

No buzzwords. This is Real leadership.


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This is Real leadership is a SIM7 podcast for IESE Business School. It's hosted by Adam Burns and produced by John England. Voiceover provided by Eliza Perry.

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Adam Burns

    Adam Burns has interviewed 1000s of global business and thought leaders from Adidas to Zappos. He has created a top 20 business podcast, hosted over 10,000 hours of business events, spoken at major industry conferences and reported for international brands, including Channel 5, Reuters and Sky.