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Transform Clicks To Profit

Learn how to align your business, brand, & website for sustainability & growth

Created by Charlene V. Brown • 10 episodes

Transform Clicks To Profit

Transform Clicks To Profit is not strictly about making money on your website; it’s about setting up your #1 Brand Ambassador to help you win as a Solopreneur and transition into the CEO you deserve to be. This podcast is your opportunity to have a No BS Convo with Charlene V. Brown, a Full-Stack Web Developer and Brand Designer and have your questions answered while gaining some insight on why websites are so vital to a business and how to make your help you Transform Clicks To Profit.

Follow our brand on IG: @bkcustomdesigns , the show at @clickstoprofit , and me at @iamcharlenebrown to stay in the know and ask me questions that may be answered on an upcoming episode!

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Charlene V. Brown
Full-Stack Web Developer • Brand Designer

Hey there Soloprener! I’m Charlene V. Brown of Bklyn Custom Designs. Welcome to Transform Clicks To Profit, a laid back podcast with me, a full-stack website developer and Brand developer. I’ve been helping clients claim their online space for over 20 years and wanted to bring those conversations to this podcast.

I'm ready to share not only the lessons I've learned from my 20+ years of web & brand experience, but I'm ready to continue this journey of finding the best way to help Solopreneurs like you build & launch your #1 Brand Ambassador so you too can transform clicks to profit!