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Two Beerded Guys Drunken Movie Reviews

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Two Beerded Guys Drunken Movie Reviews

The Two Beerded Guys bring you a new movie review each week after their live beer review show. This means they have already been drinking plenty of high quality brews (and some of lesser quality). Together with their audio-visual, dish bitch lackey OffscreenMatt, the guys review movies of all genres.

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Tyler Danner

Tyler is Co-Owner of the Two Beerded Guys and long time beer professional. When not working on Two Beerded Guys content you can find him coaching baseball, playing board games, or spending time with his friends and family. To learn more about Tyler follow his instagram page.

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Jon Couch

Jon is the Co-Owner of Two Beerded Guys and a long time craft beer industry professional. Besides craft beer you can find Jon with his family, watching football, or smoking up some amazing meats. Get to know Jon more by following his Instagram page

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Off Screen Matt
Dish Bitch/Off Screen Personality

Off Screen Matt helps keep the show going by making sure our computer stays running and keeping us on task. Matt is integral to all our Two Beerded Guys shenanigans but you will never see his face. Only the few unfortunate souls have had that privilege. Follow Matt on Instagram for more

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