Untangled artwork


the podcast where we discuss the tangled messes in our minds

Created by Izzy & Jenny • 15 episodes


The podcast where we discuss the strange tangled mess that's in our minds. Hosted by Izzy and Jenny, Untangled is a podcast that attempts to open up the discussion around those everyday struggles we find ourselves facing and by doing so normalise the topic of mental health for our listeners.

In each episode, personal anecdotes are shared to help us untangle a topic of our choosing, bi-weekly challenges are set to help us discover new techniques and coping strategies and on occasion guests are invited to share their personal journeys towards recovery.

Credits and thanks to the wonderful team behind Untangled:

  • Felicity Hamilton, Artwork Designer
  • Emily Boardman, Social Media Manager
  • Peter Nicholls, Editor

Jingle: 'Tangled' by Philip Guyler, sourced from audionetwork.