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The Weekend Review

Join Darren and the rest of the Host here on Turf's Up Radio as they unpack the week and give a glimpse of what's to come in the Green Industry.

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Darren M. Gruner
Founder & CEO Turf's Up Radio | TotalScape Design, Inc.

    Darren is known throughout the country for his continuing efforts to help elevate and educate the green industry through his 24/7 live Internet radio station, Turf’s Up Radio™. Always thinking outside of the box, he created Turf's Up Radio to bring like minded people together where they can learn from each other and grow their business.

    Darren has owned and operated two successful green industry companies during his over 40 year career. From 1983 to 2013 he built, owned and operated Kentucky Blue in the North East which started as a Lawn mowing service but quickly became known as one of the most successful full service Landscape companies in the region. Being one of the first of this new generation to be certified to install interlocking concrete pavers, obtaining a Home Improvement Contractors license and mastering design and building pools, water features, patios and outdoor kitchens and structures, Darren quickly became an expert in the field. Being the first to back up his work with lifetime guarantees was a perfect display of his dedication to his work ethic.

    During the recession of 2008, Darren's ability to make important business decisions under extreme pressure was truly put to the test. The landscape business as he knew it had completely stopped, but that didn't stop him. Thinking quickly and having to save what he built over the years, he made the necessary adjustments to keep his business moving in the right direction and a new division of Kentucky Blue was born.

    In 2008, Kentucky Blue “Lawn Consultants” was formed. With this added division, Darren's knowledge of the industry, dedication to his clients and incredible business acumen truly shined through and would help reshape the way property owners would view lawn, tree and shrub care companies. Rather than focusing on the amount of "steps" or "lawn applications" his company would provide, his focus was on the simple but most desired idea to ensure his clients a green, healthy, weed free lawn all season long. Incredibly, only after a short five successful years and when landscape construction returned to normal, Kentucky Blue was acquired by a competitor in 2013. Darren was then able to return to designing and building complete outdoor home living for property owners and established TotalScape Design after moving to sunny South Florida where he continues to practice his services and help property owners realize their outdoor living dreams all year round.

    TotalScape Design is an Architectural Design and Build company. By partnering with like minded professionals and working closely with his clients and managing their overall project from start to finish, this business model has allowed Darren to carve out a new and innovative way to help homeowners successfully envision the way they want to live in their home to actually live it without dealing with the stress that large projects may cause.

    To this day, Darren continues to run Turf's Up Radio as the CEO and successfully manages TotalScape Design efficiently and successfully. The combination of both companies bring immense value to one another. Turf’s Up Radio allows Darren to cover the green industry where he stays up to date on new products and technology that he can offer his clients with each new design. TotalsScape Design allows him the experience he can share with his listeners to help them grow their own business. Both are equally important and as a token of appreciation to what the green industry has brought to Darren, he prides himself on giving back to the community by partnering with nonprofit organizations such as with Project Evergreen, whose sole purpose is to help to create a greener, healthier cooler earth one yard a time.