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WOWpod 86 - Lucia - Brussels

  • S1E86
  • 33:20
  • December 28th 2020

Voice of a new culture of EU leadership - EU policy maker, career coach, author and podcast host of Lights On Europe

Location: Brussels, Belgium



WOWpod was born of the idea that, as people move through their life, they develop wisdom, defined by the online Oxford Learner's Dictionary as being "the ability to make sensible decisions and give good advice because of the experience and knowledge that you have".

Those in prominent positions - politicians, media personalities, etc - usually have a channel through which they can impart their wisdom to the masses. But what about the real people - the grandparents, the parents, the business people, the people who live quiet lives in your community? Surely, there is a massive untapped source of what we might describe as "the people's wisdom".

So that's why we established WOWpod - to find and share the people's wisdom.WOWpod is a podcast - in fact, the name is the shortened version of The Words Of Wisdom Podcast. The podcast will be a collection of conversations with a range of people - some well-known, others not so much. Each conversation will go for around 30 - 45 minutes and will follow a similar format:

* A few minutes introducing our guest - where they were born, what they do for a living, etc

* A discussion based on three to five statements of wisdom introduced by our guest.

* Some fast facts which we'll ask each of our guests - favourite holiday destination, favourite eatery, etc.

We don't think that we'll change the world by presenting these words of wisdom in each episode but you just don't know what you might learn ...

About our host

Neil Butler avatar
Neil Butler
Host & Producer

Neil was born and raised in suburban Melbourne (Australia), firstly in the inner north before heading off to what was, in those days, the wilds of the outer eastern suburbs. He completed a degree in Science and Education at the University of Melbourne before setting out on a life of educating the young people of Victoria.

After spending a few years as a secondary school teacher (Physics, Mathematics and Information Technology), he took six months off to work in the corporate world. His intention was to learn about life in the business world before returning to the classroom with better insights into what students should be learning. That six-month break started in December 1988 ... and here we are those years later, the break continues. Fair to say, it is most unlikely that we'll see him back in the classroom any time soon.

In recent years, Neil has spend a considerable amount of time behind the microphone in both broadcasting and podcasting activities. It has been said that he is yet to meet a microphone he doesn't like! Apart from running his own online radio station, he has been presenting music and sports programs on community radio since 2008 and calling VFL and VFLW football games, firstly for Box Hill and, more recently, the home town Geelong Cats.

These days, Neil manages his own business - Untypical - incorporating transformation leadership, small business support and media activities. Whilst based in his Geelong office, Untypical works with clients in all parts of Australia - metropolitan, regional, rural and remote.

Neil is the proud father of Lucy, who is a primary school teacher in regional Victoria and Sam, a research analyst in the commercial real estate sector. He has been a life long supporter of the Fitzroy and then Brisbane Lions Football Club and enjoys good quality coffee (long black, thank you) and equally good red wine (Shiraz if you are buying).