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Your Brain On Music

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Your Brain On Music


Each week we dissect a famous song from both a layman's perspective (mine) and a scientific perspective offered by guest neuroscientists, musicologists and more.

We will explore things like:

  • What makes this song iconic and intriguing?
  • What is your initial reaction and interpretation of the song?
  • How does this song make you feel? What emotions, memories are stirred?
  • What is happening in our brains when we listen to it?
  • What musical elements contribute to the songs impact?
  • Can we learn anything from the production techniques?
  • How do the vocal delivery, instrumentation, arrangement contribute to the mood and atmosphere?
  • How has the song influenced music culture?
  • How can listeners deepen their appreciation of the song after understanding its elements?

We will invite celebrity music guests to talk about music in their lives and how songs, beyond their own, have impacted their lives, including that day's featured song.

Connie Tomaino, co-founder of the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function, will offer practical tips for using music for overall wellness, particularly for caregivers, older loved ones and vulnerable populations where music is their last lifeline.

Finally, listeners will share their personal stories about how music has impacted them personally.

Meet the Host

Anthony Cirillo avatar
Anthony Cirillo

Anthony has been a gigging musician since he was 12. As a healthcare professional he is an influencer, professional speaker, and consultant in the health, aging and caregiver fields.

He has combined his two passions to create Sage Stream, a live-stream, real-time, interactive, video music streaming network for older adults.

He is president of The Aging Experience, a board member of the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function as well as a member of the Nationwide Financial / National Council on Aging Health and Wellness Roundtable and the Bank of America Elder Care Policy Roundtable.

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