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AlzAuthors: Untangling Alzheimer's & Dementia

Anthony Copeland-Parker Untangles Life as a Nomad and Early Onset Alzheimer's

  • S9E59
  • 1:01:26
  • April 4th 2022

About Tony Copeland-Parker

When Anthony Copeland-Parker and his partner Catherine were in their 50’s, they found out that she had early-onset Alzheimer’s and he needed open heart-valve replacement surgery. They both had a history as endurance athletes, so, motivated by a love for running and travel, they sold their home, retired from their jobs, and became nomads, running marathons and half-marathons all over the world.

They’ve spent the last 7 years flying, running, walking, sailing, and sightseeing from Atlanta to Antarctica, finding joy in seizing each day and following their passions while trying to outrun Alzheimer’s.

Tony was a professional pilot/manager for 37 years, the last 27 with United Parcel Service. His last job had him managing pilots and flying B757/767-type aircraft all over the world. Since then, he and Catherine, whom he tenderly calls Cat, have traveled to 82 different countries. They have run at least a half-marathon in 35 countries and on all seven continents.

Tony shares his story on his blog, Running with and in his book, Running All over the World: Our Race Against Early Onset Alzheimer’s.

In this episode we talk about the choice he made to keep an active lifestyle traveling the world instead of following the much often recommended advice to provide Catherine with a stable schedule and environment, how Catherine responds to having a new adventure in a new place every few days, traveling with a loved one with dementia, and how he’s had to come to terms with the fact that one day their travels will come to a natural end.

AlzAuthors co-founder and manager Jean Lee, author of Alzheimer’s Daughter, joins us.

After the podcast

Read Tony’s AlzAuthors post:

Anthony Copeland-Parker and Partner Catherine Become Marathon Nomads

Start reading Running All over the World: Our Race Against Early Onset Alzheimer’s, now!

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Tony appeared in our Virtual Q&A Love Stories: Keeping Romance Alive in Dementia Care

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