The Prosperous Artist Paradigm, with Candita Clayton artwork
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The Prosperous Artist Paradigm, with Candita Clayton

  • S1E31
  • 1:07:11
  • May 3rd 2022

This week, I am sharing one of my own best kept secrets: my personal fine art rep, serial entrepreneur and fine art gallerist and art advisor Candita Clayton.

Candita joins me to reignite your love of art, disrupt the starving artist paradigm and help steer creative folks towards greater thriving and abundance. 

We announce for the first time, our new collaboration,  “The Prosperous Artist Series: How to Quit Your Day Job and Become a Full Time Artist” a 4 part Masterclass Series on how to do just that.

Today’s episode is an inspiring one about reimagining and reconnecting to what’s possible. You don’t have to be an artist to benefit from getting clearer about what you want and make the mindset shifts necessary to see new paths forward. 

We talk about how valuable art is, the unique role that artist’s play in our culture, in the world and in our lives and what creative experiences we really longed for during Covid.

Learn what to consider if you are interested in going full time with your art and get tips on how you can become an emerging collector of art at any age and financial status.

What we further explore in this conversation

  • Why supporting art and artist’s matters.
  • How using more woo in your sales strategy might not be so crazy.
  • How to let go of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • And more

You are invited to join us for our upcoming “Prosperous Artist Series: How to Quit Your Day Job and Become a Full Time Artist” a 4 part Masterclass Series that will teach you what you need to know to escape the doldrums and live a thriving life as the artist you are.

Enjoy this episode. I hope it makes you go make art, look at art, find artist friends and create!

You can connect with Candita Clayton, here:

Quick note, I just want to say thank you for listening to this episode. I know it means a lot to myself and my guests. 

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Gallerist and Art Advisor,  Candita Clayton is dedicated to discovering and promoting both emerging and mid-to-late-career artists from Rhode Island and beyond, and believes that art should - and can - be accessible to everyone. 

Owner of the Candita Clayton Gallery,  and a successful entrepreneur for over 35 years, Candita is committed to both showcasing fine art in all mediums and turning the starving artist paradigm into “The Prosperous Artist” instead. 

She is passionate about creating a synergistic relationship between artists and art lovers, creators and collectors and is an active educator on how to become an emerging collector.. Having worked with over 100 artists over the last 12 years as a gallerist and art advisor, Candita is a true advocate and champion for artists in all stages of their careers. 

She specializes in providing white glove art placement services to design professionals throughout the country. In addition to the gallery, she curates five interior design showrooms throughout New England including in NYC and the Hamptons.

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When I was younger, travel was my one true love. Wild adventures painted my life and broke my heart. One day I will tell you stories of being 15 years old, standing at the Berlin Wall in 1989 as it came crumbling down.

We will talk about the time I hitchhiked alone through Africa at 21, after a bittersweet stint working at a chimpanzee refuge far in the jungles of Zambia and you can share about what has made you who you are.

Each of our lives is an intricately woven tapestry and mine has been no different. The highlight reels look and sound fantastic because they are and the rough patches hurt like hell and felt at times unbearable. 

Over my life, depression and suicidal ideation taught me about the nature of suffering and also how to see in the dark and to turn the lens within.

It's the shadow, in fact, which taught me the most about how to live in the light. A stage 4 concussion later opened my intuition and awareness up to a more far reaching understanding of being human. 

This strange pattern of venturing between two extremes, moving between light and dark, inside and out, as if tracing the lines of an ever expanding figure eight, became my greatest teacher. 

The ability to be with our own suffering and magnificence is the measure by which we can be present for that of anyone else. I see truths that live beyond the surface, hold space for all that shows up and go into the places with other people that few are willing to go. 

Photography widened my lens on life. Primates opened my eyes to a deeper understanding of where we come from. Psychology explained some of what I was witnessing and Spirituality gave it all meaning. Coaching is a vehicle I serve through.

What else? My intuition is a superpower. I laugh more than this would lead you to believe, love to be in nature, photograph flowers obsessively and help my clients see their own lives and businesses through a new lens.

My greatest work has been as a mother to my two boys Rook and Cole; who are now flourishing men, living, loving and learning about themselves out west.

I teach, coach, shoot and consult about how to explore who you are and learn to see yourself.

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