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To be Soul do Soul, with Hiro Boga

  • S2E47
  • 1:14:49
  • August 30th 2022

Bask in each sun filled word of the divine wisdom well and soul of luminary, Hiro Boga

You will not be the same after you listen to her. If you listen long enough, your transformation is inevitable. Read her. Take her programs. Be in her orbit.

“Make a bonfire of your identities.”

“Trust the gifts of resistance: Divine timing; right relationship with yourself, your soul, your rambling creativity.” 

“Good business understands, in a very pragmatic way, that we are the green branches and breathing leaves of the world tree. “

We need trusted elders to lead us forward and set us straight when we veer from our values. Seers who have gazed upon life from other viewpoints and can show us the way. Those who have found refuge in their own truth and soul and will keep us true. 

Hiro Boga does this. She generously offers counsel to the world; as a business artist, mentor and soul alchemist through her writing, self study programs and poetry.

Her award winning books include “To Be Soul, Do Soul” and best-seller, “The World of Your Business Playbook”. 

She supports female entrepreneurs to bring their deepest, most profound vision for their business, and our world, to life and she does it in the most sacred, loving, gentle yet no nonsense way imaginable.

A student of her work for many years, I would follow her beacon of light to the ends of the earth and beyond and invite you to do the same. 

It will be so worth it.

Here are some things you’ll discover in this episode:

  • Hear Hiro’s beautiful story of growing up in India, meeting the Devas and how to work with multi-dimensional consciousness and subtle energies in your life. 
  • How to hear and return to your soul's desires so you can enjoy being the powerful, free and whole person you are.
  • How to live in harmony with your vision and values, in partnership with your soul, and in service to the Sacred.
  • Simple practices to deepen your  felt connection with the spiritual dimension of your life, your community, nature and the more than human world.
  • and more…

Connect with Hiro Boga here:


Quick note, I just want to say thank you for listening to this episode. I know it means a lot to myself and my guests. 

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Hiro Boga is an award-winning writer, business strategist, mentor to visionary leaders, teacher, and founder of the Deva Alchemy Academy. She is the author of five books, most recently To Be Soul, Do Soul: Adventures in Creative Consciousness and The World of Your Business Playbook. She lives and works on the west coast of Canada. 

You can read more about Hiro and the Deva Alchemy Academy at

You can also connect with her on Facebook at

Instagram @hiroboga, where she shares daily inspiration and writing. 

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When I was younger, travel was my one true love. Wild adventures painted my life and broke my heart. One day I will tell you stories of being 15 years old, standing at the Berlin Wall in 1989 as it came crumbling down.

We will talk about the time I hitchhiked alone through Africa at 21, after a bittersweet stint working at a chimpanzee refuge far in the jungles of Zambia and you can share about what has made you who you are.

Each of our lives is an intricately woven tapestry and mine has been no different. The highlight reels look and sound fantastic because they are and the rough patches hurt like hell and felt at times unbearable. 

Over my life, depression and suicidal ideation taught me about the nature of suffering and also how to see in the dark and to turn the lens within.

It's the shadow, in fact, which taught me the most about how to live in the light. A stage 4 concussion later opened my intuition and awareness up to a more far reaching understanding of being human. 

This strange pattern of venturing between two extremes, moving between light and dark, inside and out, as if tracing the lines of an ever expanding figure eight, became my greatest teacher. 

The ability to be with our own suffering and magnificence is the measure by which we can be present for that of anyone else. I see truths that live beyond the surface, hold space for all that shows up and go into the places with other people that few are willing to go. 

Photography widened my lens on life. Primates opened my eyes to a deeper understanding of where we come from. Psychology explained some of what I was witnessing and Spirituality gave it all meaning. Coaching is a vehicle I serve through.

What else? My intuition is a superpower. I laugh more than this would lead you to believe, love to be in nature, photograph flowers obsessively and help my clients see their own lives and businesses through a new lens.

My greatest work has been as a mother to my two boys Rook and Cole; who are now flourishing men, living, loving and learning about themselves out west.

I teach, coach, shoot and consult about how to explore who you are and learn to see yourself.

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